Learnkey is one of the best Training Institutes in Europe, has been in operation since the early months of 1995. We are accredited by the OTHM and London Grad School.

Our programs give students the management, analytical and leadership skills needed to achieve success in higher education. Currently, we offer a range of courses that will for sure meet student’s requirements.

We are proud of our teaching trained staff packed with their vast experiences in their respective specialized sectors which together help us deliver the high level training which earned us acknowledgement and accreditation in our years of activity.

Our Mission

The mission of Learnkey is to provide outstanding educational programs and services that are responsive to our students and diverse communities. We accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing high quality teaching and instruction to promote fulfillment of knowledge transfer requirements and encourage academic acquisition in our surrounding communities.
  • Providing skills education and student services programs to help students become successful learners.
  • Establishing partnerships with stakeholders as well as other educational institutions to advance economic development.
  • Preparing students with the skills to function effectively in the global economy of the 21st century.

Our Vision

Offer learners theoretical and practical knowledge mirroring a real-world context. This will enable learners to meet current industry needs. We work with different partners as a learning community.

Our Values

Our values are built on passion to be shared with learners to shape new worlds as entrepreneurs, leaders and community builders. We value an informed society with the right skills and competencies.