Admissions Policy & Procedures

The policy of Learnkey is to admit qualified applicants ( as per Prospectus) in a timely, fair And transparent manner.

The procedure at application stage is for the student to check on the website if he has the necessary requirements. If in doubt or needs further student assistance he can call Learnkey directly or write an email for support.

Once student has decided which course to follow he can fill in application form and pay a deposit to secure his booking.

Mitigation Policy

Policy: Mitigating circumstances are serious circumstances beyond your control which can affect your academic performance.

Learnkey gives you the opportunity to ‘freeze’ your studies if you provide evidence for the mitigating circumstance.

Procedure: The student must write an email to the Dean stating the mitigating circumstance ( ex: Medical conditions, personal and domestic accidents, disturbance during exams etc).

The Dean will inform the student by e mail within 5 days if accepted or not or more evidence is required. The Deans decision is final.